winter musings

Thought I ought to update log  and it’s cold and dark outside so no distractions from there. Following on from picture sale in Hanbury hall exhibition the Staffs Wildlife trust  christmas fayre again lived up to expectations, including the unexpected sale  of my latest picture of a song thrush ‘I don’t sing in the bath’ . Many thanks once again to young Ryan Wood for giving me permission to use his splendid photograph as the paintings basis. More of his photo’s can be seen at www.ryanswildlifephotographyand    . One more little venture this year is having some exhibits displayed in the cabinets (by ASDA) in the Cornbow Centre at Halesowen from 18th to 30th December. Then I shall be preparing for the bigger exhibition at Himley Hall near Dudley for April to June next year.  This will be a shared exhibition with myself and another non wildlife artist. If anybody sees it I hope you will like it. That’s it for now , hope you have a happy and healthy christmas.

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summer update

Well it’s an update but there isn’t much summer about. Middle of August but a real September morn this morning. Quietish year so far, have done three pet portraits and the TWASI exhibition at twigworth Gloucs. I visited the revamped NEWA exhibition on the Wirral (now EWA- exhibition of wildlife art) which is for three days only now. Plenty of visitors but the arrangement of stands and chair acommodation for artists made it a little cramped for getting around and viewing the work.

I have entered 4 works in an exhibition at Hanbury Hall (Nat. Trust site) Worcs. from 2nd to 16th September with other wildlife artists. A good venue I am told. Then I shall be preparing again for the Staffs Wildlife Trust Christmas Fair as usual in November.

I also have arranged an exhibition at Himley Hall (between Dudley and Wombourne) for April to June 2018. It is in conjunction with another artist who is not a wildlife painter and so should have a broader appeal . Hope there will be lots of visitors. Thats about all for now hope the sun shines soon .

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2017and all that..

Hi Thought a few words were needed. Not a lot has been happening of late. The National Exhibition of Wildlife Art (NEWA) on the Wirral has ceased which is a pity because it was an excellent exhibition and achieved phenominal sales each year. No new pics needed there then. Have just completed pictures for TWASI at Nature in Art Twigworth Gloucs. There are two new bird pictures and two bird slate paintings. Hope for better luck this year. Have been enjoying the spring and waiting for the main influx of migrants (birds) which I think are a bit held up because of the cold northerly air stream of late. Heard my first cuckoos however and saw first swallows this week. I now have two pet portraits to produce to keep me busy. I think thats all for now.

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winter update

Hi , Busy period coming to an end for a while with pictures now on show in Halesowen Cornbow Centre. Have had sale of scraperboard entitled ‘Tiddles’ which is encouraging.  Dudley Exhibition (TWASI) was well presented but suffered from being on the third floor (no peoples lift) and few visitors due in part to the fact that the art gallery is closing now through lack of funding. This is a pity but seems to be happening all over.

I have had a brief respite with a very enjoyable week in S E Spain. Unfortunately the best weather changed just before we went but this didn’t affect the agenda for the week which was titled ‘hidden Almeria’. Would never have found most of the places visited on my own. Good lunches too.

And suddenly it’s Christmas !! Wishing you an enjoyable one and a happy and healthy New Year.

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read all about it

Hi, just a few updates for late summer. Only one of my three pictures submitted to NEWA was accepted for the exhibition but gratefully was sold. All pictures can still be viewed on the NEWA website. There will be a wildlife art exhibition held at the Dudley Museum and Art Gallery  (west midlands) commencing on September 26th for about 6weeks. Hopefully four of my scraperboard pictures will be displayed there among approx 100 exhibits in total. It should be very good and worth a view. Later in November I shall be hopefully at the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s christmas Fayre again. This year it is the weekend of 21st/22nd. Then in December just before Christmas I shall be displaying some of my artwork in the Cornbow Centre in Halesowen. Busy time but prepared for it with a week of hot sunshine in Spain earlier this month. Cheers.

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I’m still here

It’s June 29th ,cool and tipping down with rain. Hello summer-once again. Good exhibition at Nature in Art (Gloucs) this year though no sales personally. Nice to see more scraperboard art which is a media that I use though is somewhat out of favour these days. I have two bird slate paintings currently in a small exhibition at the Museum of Cannock Chase near Rugeley , the theme of which is to celebrate Staffordshire. Shortly I shall be entering three pictures for this years National Exhibition of Wildlife Art held as usual on the Wirral at the latter part of July. I hope they get accepted for viewing because many pictures don’t. There are some new examples of my work  on my website and some others yet to be supplied. Looking forward to a warmer drier July and hopefully getting out more.


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Another new year

New work required but spent more time painting doors and walls so far this year. Still someone has to do it. Spent a little time down Devon and saw (with a little help from a young wildlife photographer called Tim White who happened to be present) a Green Winged Teal. This is a North American visitor and a first timer for me. Superb photo’s of it and others ca be seen at    . Lots of other good birds also seen on Exe estuary at Bowling green marsh. Will hopefully be entering the NEWA and TWASI exhibitions as usual including my most popular sales items of framed bird slates.Will also hopefully get web site ‘refreshed’ in the not too distant future.

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Catch up

Hi, long time no speak. Afraid I’ve been very lax in updating the blog. Had a few holidays but not really an excuse. Sold slate pictures at T.W.A.S.I in Gloucester and at NEWA on the Wirral again this year, though had one returned from NEWA with a broken frame. It’s now that time of year again for preparing for The Staffordshire Wildlife Trusts Christmas fayre. This year it is on Saturday and Sunday November 21st and 22nd at their Wolseley Bridge Headquarters near Rugeley Staffs. Hope I can do as well as last year but you never know with art work. There will be some new prints available for then also. Thats all for now but shame about the Rugby!!

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Winter Warmer

As I write this it is blowing a gale and pouring with rain/sleet. It is also very cold and so must still be winter. I am not a fan. But preparations for the year ahead must be made,  particularly the two usual annual exhibitions at Nature in Art, Gloucester  and National Exhibition of Wildlife Art on The Wirral. Inspiration however is hard to find in this weather.

I have though got an exhibition of just my work arranged for the month of April to be held in the Cornbow Hall , Hagley St.  Halesowen in the West Midlands. I shall display a variety of works including Scraperboards and Oil paintings. It is a new venue for me and a fairly new arrangement for the Culture and leisure venue. March will therefore be busy with preparations.Think that’s enough for now , time for a cup of tea!!

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follow up

Another year now nearly gone and new work will all too soon be needed.  The wildlife trust Christmas fayre again went very well with lots of visitors and crafts on show. I was particularly pleased with the further interest shown in limited prints of my work , a line which I shall hopefully  further pursue  in the coming year. Producing new original work however is where my  main satisfaction occurs (if it works out well that is). I shall also hope to promote more pet portraits next year as this is often most peoples need for an ‘animal picture’.

There’s little else for now, suffice to say I wish you all a Happy ,healthy and prosperous Christmas and New year.

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